I am a contemporary Art Jewellery artist, designer and maker living and working in the United Kingdom.


Born in Germany into an artist family the visual arts have been a huge influence in my life due to my upbringing  in such an environment and seeing and experiencing my fathers work. Turning  to jewellery making has been a natural progression from painting, having similar qualities and problems of form, tension, texture, scale and interpretation.

My prime focus in my work is to create unique pieces that will enhance an individual's life story. My northern European roots predispose me to a clean elegant style of simplicity. Emphasis is on quality craftsmanship and originality where idea and form is more important than the value of any materials. In my work I predominantly use aluminium, brass, copper and silver and add colour through the addition of polymer, paint, patination and recycled plastics. I like to include unusual materials and anything is considered which can lead to the success of a particular design.

My processes of creation and much of what I do is instinctive. This intuitive process comes from years of accumulated knowledge, observations, personal experiences and preferences. I regard everything as useful, what I read, see and listen to. Potential surrounds us everywhere for those who care to look. The light, the sounds and smells and magical surroundings but also the most mundane often overlooked things.

Each piece of work is entirely hand crafted by me as I enjoy the act of making. Its important to me that the hand of the artist can clearly be seen within the work giving it that unique quality.


As a creator, I live for those joyous moments of transformation, translating what is in my heart and soul, through my hands into a piece of jewellery art.  

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